An aptitude for trust, foresight and change.


Developed by the Pensions Management Institute, the Aptitude programme was formed following standards published by the Professional Trustee Standards Working Group (PTSWG) in 2019 to raise standards and provide assurance about the quality of professional trustees and discourage poor practices in the market.

Professional trustees can now ensure that they comply with the standards and become accredited. As a result, employers can expect improved governance and administration from accredited professionals.

As industry professionals, it is within all of our interests to strive for ever-improving governance standards and drive better outcomes for savers.

Watch the PMITV episode where Gareth Tancred, Chief Executive Officer at the Pensions Management Institute, talks about the APTITUDE programme in more detail.


David Fairs, Executive Director of Policy at The Pensions Regulator, said:

“We regard the accreditation of Professional Trustees as crucial in promoting improved governance standards. We are pleased to note that PMI has produced an accreditation programme which aims to play an important role in achieving our shared objective of improving standards within the professional trusteeship sector. I encourage professional trustees to fully engage with accreditation programmes."

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